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Research and Development


Martin Mackay: The vision for the R&D function is to develop medicines that can truly make a difference to patients' lives. In saying that, I mean that we work in devastating diseases. The medicines that we come up with have to have a major effect on a disease. If you look at the programs we have in development, they really are against diseases that are devastating. The treatments that we are looking at are really those that can make a big difference.

We are a global company. Our medicines are used throughout the world now, we're in United States for sure, but Latin America, Europe, Asia and our medicines are across the globe. This is really important because diseases know no boundaries. Those diseases that we treat are truly global in nature also, so as a company we have to be so. And we continue to evolve in this way.

Alexion is really making a difference in patients' lives. And you know, as scientists, that's what drives us—just that ability to actually impact society.

Martin Mackay, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research & Development

Alexion's research and development programs aim to deliver highly innovative therapies that have the potential to transform patients' lives. We pursue treatments for diseases that are truly devastating for patients and their families that currently have few, if any, effective treatment options. We do not settle for incremental benefits—rather, we strive to completely change the landscape of a disease. With these filters in mind, we pursue diseases in any therapeutic area with whatever modality we can.

Today, Alexion is advancing its rare disease pipeline, with multiple programs in clinical development and a diverse set of preclinical programs. Our highly innovative product candidates are being evaluated in several therapeutic areas, including severe and life-threatening complement disorders and metabolic diseases.

Alexion's R&D activities are based primarily in the United States. We also have an R&D center in Paris focused on accelerated discovery research through innovative partnerships with clinical investigators at the Imagine Institute and other clinical research centers throughout France.

Our Development Programs

Our Clinical trials

Clinical trials are a critical part of our efforts to develop innovative new therapies for patients with severe and devastating rare diseases. Alexion has ongoing and actively recruiting clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Our Pipeline

Learn more about our global R&D organization's rare disease pipeline

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Our Trials

Learn more about some of our key ongoing clinical trials

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Sponsored Research

Alexion is committed to collaborating with researchers on innovative projects that advance medical and scientific knowledge about our products, product candidates and therapeutic areas of interest.

Investigator-Sponsored Research

Alexion encourages communication of innovative ideas in rare diseases. Applications for support or collaboration for basic research are accepted from individuals or groups, as either concepts or protocols.

Discovery Partnerships